Case Studies

Howe Chartered Surveyors

Howe Chartered Surveyors is a property consultancy determined to make business operations as sustainable as possible

“BEBA is an inspiring, action-based organisation. With no real roadmap for small businesses to navigate their green journey, BEBA is more than shaping up to fill this gap, which is something I am excited to be a part of.”

Lucy Dekker, Business Development Manager

Why did you sign the Pledge?

Howe Chartered Surveyors are property consultants based in Shenfield. We are currently developing our CSR strategy and believe a good place to start is to make a commitment to going green. Our emissions may be relatively low due to us having no supply chain, and being a service-based business, however we recognise we still have a footprint which can and should be reduced.

What changes are you making within your business?

As is probably the case with most small businesses, we are at the start of navigating our way to carbon neutrality. We made a big step towards becoming paperless, with the introduction of our project management software last year. The first essential step we are taking now is to understand our baseline emissions and identify where we can make impactful improvements. We are finding that this is by no means an exact science, as the majority of our emissions are Scope 3, and finding ways to operationalise our impact is challenging. As part of the initial process for this first step, we have so far identified three objectives we are working toward. These are:

  1. To ensure office space is run as sustainably as it can be in terms of energy and waste.
  2. To set up and maintain a cycle to work scheme, as part of our current cycle club.
  3. To increase personal awareness of carbon footprint reduction with employees, focusing on sustainable travel.