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Newton Wright Advisors

Business advisors, Newton Wright Advisors, pledge to help the local community reduce its carbon footprint

“BEBA is a fantastic initiative to build a business community where local businesses can support each other and collaborate with the common goal of contributing to the drive towards net zero. I’m delighted to be part of it and work with like-minded business leaders. I’m sure that with our collective skills and experiences, we can find solutions more quickly than by working on our own to tackle the daunting climate challenge.”

David Dahan, Managing Director

Why did you sign the Pledge?

I am a business advisor. I help organisations with two key aspects: one, their strategy and transformational change; and, two, measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. I conduct these activities through Newton Wright Advisors (strategy) and my affiliation with the 100-strong Auditel network (carbon footprint & cost management). I strongly believe that we all have a responsibility to do as much as we can to make our planet sustainable for future generations, no matter the size of our business. As a Brentwood local for over 20 years, I was keen to help our local community with sharing some of my experience and knowledge in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

What changes are you making within your business?

My business is a micro-business with my office based in my home, so in many ways, the changes I make are intertwined with those made in the home. From an energy consumption perspective, I’ve moved to renewable energy for electricity (or so I am told by the energy company), my technology is cloud-based (though I am still trying to get information on carbon emissions from my provider), I follow good energy efficiency measures (e.g. turning off all technology and lighting). From a materials perspective, I am paper-free for my own office and when necessary use recyclable materials for documents to clients. From a transport perspective, I use public transport when I can, but I will also be transitioning to an electric vehicle by the end of Q3. In working with clients, even when not specifically on carbon footprint projects, I can’t help myself but try to shift mindset to carbon emission reduction.

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