Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance (BEBA) is a new initiative bringing together businesses across the borough. Our aim is to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by providing a platform to collaborate and learn – an inclusive place where businesses at any stage of the journey can identify information resources to help achieve their green goals.

Climate change is defined as “the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place” (National Geographic, 2019), and can have catastrophic impacts on human society. As the overall global temperature increases because of greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon dioxide), extreme weather events including droughts and flooding are more likely to occur. This can cause direct damage to humans and can also reduce the amount of resources such as food, which could lead to global food insecurity. Other impacts include loss of biodiversity, which provide important ecosystem services which benefit humans.

In 2020, the business sector in the UK emitted 59.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which accounts for more than 18% of all UK CO2 emissions (BEIS, 2021). It is therefore crucial for businesses to work together to reduce the carbon footprint of the sector to make a bigger impact and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

We have established BEBA for all Brentwood businesses to help tackle this global problem at a local level. It enables businesses to do their bit and have a positive impact on this environmental issue. Brentwood businesses can sign up to The Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to going green, reducing carbon and being more sustainable to help our planet.

Brentwood Council announced it will be Carbon Neutral by 2040 and we challenge our local businesses to work with us to achieve the same.


By signing the BEBA Pledge you make a business commitment to minimise the environmental impact of business operations by:

  • Adopting an environment-first based approach to business decisions
  • Reducing waste in the provision of goods and services
  • Recycling waste generated by business operations
  • Implementing a green supply chain and using local suppliers where possible
  • Volunteering resources to support local environmental initiatives
  • Setting a baseline for your business’s carbon footprint

What People Say

Businesses across Brentwood are signing the BEBA Pledge and committing to minimise their environmental impact. Discover why they’re going green…

“We believe that all businesses regardless of size, can do their bit to have a positive impact on the environment”

Jill Willis, Attract & Engage

“BEBA is an inspiring, action-based organisation. With no real roadmap for small businesses to navigate their green journey, BEBA is more than shaping up to fill this gap, which is something I am excited to be a part of.”

Lucy Dekker, Howe Chartered Surveyors