Practical tips for you and your business

We have put together some useful tips to get your business on its way to a more sustainable future, and to sign the BEBA pledge.


  • Train staff in sustainability. Courses such as Carbon Literacy are a great way of certifying staff
  • Offer schemes such as cycle to work to encourage staff to choose sustainable travel


  • Replace end of life vehicles with more sustainable options such as electric or hydrogen powered vehicles
  • Using biodiesel, where possible, can reduce your business’ carbon footprint


  • Save energy by turning off electrical equipment including lights when not in use. Having lights with sensors can also help.
  • When replacing appliances and electrical equipment, ensure they have a high energy rating, ideally A or above
  • Set the thermostat to 19c 
  • Install insulation in roofs and walls
  • Replace old lightbulbs with LED bulbs

Supply Chain

  • Use local suppliers and local products where possible
  • Consider the environmental credentials of suppliers

Useful links

We have put together some useful links to help you discover what other businesses are doing and what you could do.

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