How do we achieve net zero?

Council and local businesses learning together how to reduce their impact on the environment

How do we achieve net zero? We want to contribute but don’t know how? And how can we have a positive impact on the environment? Are just three of the questions posed that led to the creation of the Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance (BEBA).

BEBA was launched in October 2021 at the Brentwood Business Showcase, a Brentwood Council event with more than 85 exhibitors and 500 visitors. 

BEBA aims to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by providing a platform to collaborate, learn and a place to identify information resources for businesses. This is achieved through regular meetings and themed workshops with the businesses and guest speakers, who can inspire members through their own experiences of adapting more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

The idea for BEBA started in March 2021, when local business, Baker Labels, approached Brentwood Borough Council as they wanted to improve their environmental performance and offset their carbon footprint, but like many businesses, they didn’t know where to start. 

BEBA is the council’s response to tackling a range of environmental challenges including climate change at a local level and as a collective, rather than as individuals. It enables businesses to do their bit and have a positive impact on these environmental issues.

Brentwood Council announced it will be Carbon Neutral by 2040 and we challenge our local business community to work with us to achieve the same. 

Businesses in the Brentwood borough can sign up to The Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to going green, reducing carbon and being more sustainable to help our planet. 

Signatories of the green pledge make a business commitment to minimise their environmental impact by:

  • Adopting an environment-first based approach to business decisions 
  • Reducing waste in the provision of goods and services 
  • Recycling waste generated by business operations 
  • Implementing a green supply chain network and using local suppliers wherever possible 
  • Adapting procurement policies to prioritise products that are environmentally friendly 
  • Volunteering or committing resources to support local environmental initiatives 
  • Actively seeking ways to carbon offset 
  • Setting a baseline for your business’ current carbon footprint 
  • Disclosing actions that will be taken to achieve BEBA’s carbon objectives 
  • Being carbon neutral by 2040 
  • Being ‘true zero’ carbon by 2050 

BEBA is a chance to meet and network with like-minded business professionals that are passionate about the environment. It’s a chance to share best practice, collaborate on initiatives and ideas that could benefit the environment and whilst helping your business thrive and reducing the carbon footprint of the borough. 

Since its launch, BEBA has nearly 50 businesses who have signed up, each from a range of backgrounds.  

One of the many benefits of BEBA is providing businesses with the opportunity for growth, by attracting new customers who are increasing researching the green credentials of company’s before buying their services.

If you are interested in joining and would like to find out more, email  or visit Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance.