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Baker Labels

Baker Labels is the leading UK trade label manufacturer focused on improving their green credentials

“There’s so much we can do and are already doing as a business but if we can also do it while improving Brentwood and Essex through our involvement with BEBA, that’s even better.”

Steve Baker, Managing Director

Why did you sign the Pledge?

We are a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging, with a large production facility in Brentwood. We are conscious of using a lot of energy and creating a fair amount of waste during our production processes. Although there are ways to reduce some of the waste we produce, there will always be a lot – it is unavoidable. We started a journey to look into offsetting anything we couldn’t avoid. During this process we discovered there is a lot more we can do in other areas of the business.

By signing the pledge we are committing to improving our environmental credentials, and to learning as much as we can about how to be more sustainable in all areas of the business. As well as being good for the planet, we know it will also be good for the business.

We hope to attract new business from customers looking for greener suppliers as well as build on the relationships we have with new products. Our employee wellbeing program is a valuable part of the success of our business and working for a company that cares about the environment and the planet we live on feels good. Staff appreciate the effort and can be proud to be part of it going forward.

What changes are you making within your business?

We started by first ensuring we used a green energy supplier, so all our electricity is supplied from a renewable source. Our waste is now “Zero to Landfill” and we recycle / repurpose as much as possible. This includes sending our large cardboard cores to wildlife sanctuaries for animal enrichment programs.

 Within our facility we have made a number of changes:

  • We now only use LED lightings, all of which automatically switch off when there is no activity
  • Plastic curtains installed over our despatch and delivery doors to minimise loss of heat
  • Insulating and maintaining our roof areas to reduce heating costs
  • Installed an EV charge point in our staff car park
  • Fully digital admin process where we only print what is absolutely necessary.

Although we have made a number of valuable steps, we are still in the early stages of our sustainability project. We have plans to measure and subsequently reduce our carbon footprint to work towards becoming carbon neutral. Discovering and embracing new technologies and ways to reduce our carbon footprint is a very interesting journey for all of us.

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