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Zest Recycle

Zest Recycle, a recycling and waste management company, is dedicated to helping businesses make green choices

“Across the company, we are making changes to ensure we are delivering our vision. We want to be an instrumental partner for businesses striving to implement more sustainable waste management practices that deliver on shared environmental and social aspirations.”

Tony McPartland, Managing Director

Why did you sign the Pledge?

Here at Zest Recycle, positive environmental actions truly sit at the heart of what we do, so signing the pledge was a natural choice for us. We believe that, by making connections, finding solutions, and building partnerships, we can help businesses to develop sustainable waste management practices. Through our partnership with BEBA, we can help businesses develop bespoke resource management plans and optimise processes so that they are good for both our clients and the environment.

What changes are you making within your business?

We have recently joined the Good Business Charter, which demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility in the way in which we conduct our business and in setting a path to net-zero carbon.

We have also recently become a Gold Investor in Wildlife, Corporate Member for the Essex Wildlife Trust, the county’s leading conservation charity. They are committed to protecting wildlife, inspiring a lifelong love of nature, and tackling the current climate crisis.

Our latest accreditation includes our membership to the Living Wage Foundation, committing us as a business to pay our employees a real living wage and not just the minimum standards set by the government, now and moving forward.

In terms of our business operations, we are currently in the process of moving our company vehicles to electric vehicles to minimise carbon emissions wherever possible. We are also holding meetings virtually whenever we can, to minimise the amount of avoidable travel required, and to reduce our staff members’ carbon footprint. We are also gradually switching to paperless working by embedding more sustainable working practices and becoming more digitally focused.

One of the key components of our business model is that our services are delivered through a network of regional, specialised supply chain partners, meaning we can provide our customers with sustainable solutions that work for them and their unique circumstances, looking to minimise waste miles wherever possible for our clients and help them reduce our clients’ carbon footprint.

The service we provide to our customers are operated in line with the Waste Hierarchy principle meaning that we aim to prevent and reduce waste wherever possible, for instance, we have partnered with, which provides a sustainable reuse option for office furniture.

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