BEBA Support from the Lower Thames Crossing

The Lower Thames Crossing has signed the Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance (BEBA) Pledge to support the group and contribute towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Brentwood Borough Council and local businesses are working together through the Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance to tackle the challenges faced by climate change and to help businesses in the borough reduce their carbon footprint.

Local businesses signing up to the green pledge, make a commitment to minimise their environmental impact. The pledge commits businesses to sign up to BEBA to reduce their carbon footprint in many ways, including reducing waste in the provision of goods and services, recycling waste generated by the business and adopting an environment-first approach to decision making.

Councillor Chris Hossack, Leader of the Council said:

“It’s great news that The Lower Thames Crossing has signed the BEBA pledge towards creating a cleaner and greener agenda. Together with other local businesses, we are stronger and can create innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions in our businesses, our communities and the planet. By committing to going green, we are taking a big step towards creating a better environment for everyone in the future.”

Brentwood Borough Council announced it will be carbon neutral by 2040. The Council is inviting the local business community to work with it to share best practice and find ways to positively impact the environment.


Enhancing Office Space with Planting

To mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 96th birthday during this Platinum Jubilee year – Brentwood a Becket Rotary Club planted a lavender garden outside Brentwood Town Hall.

It’s fantastic that that we can use pockets of space outside our office buildings to plant to enhance bio-diversity and absorb carbon.

Along with the lavender, they planted two rose bushes with the apt name of Many Happy Returns.


Brentwood Business Awards Sponsor

We are sponsoring the ‘Best Environmental Initiative’ category at this year’s Brentwood Business Awards which have now opened for applications.

This award is for businesses that have implemented environmental initiatives around sustainability, waste reduction, biodiversity, green supply chains, green procurement, or volunteering.

You can see all the Brentwood Business Awards categories and how to enter here:

Applications close on 24 June 2022.