Case Studies

Thames Chase Trust

Thames Chase Trust encourages all businesses in Brentwood to engage with the Community Forest

“Thames Chase Trust is very pleased to be part of BEBA. As one of England’s Community Forests, we take great pride in reminding people that we are very fortunate to have a Community Forest in this landscape, particularly at a time when we all need to do our bit to respond to the climate and environment emergency. Thames Chase Trust encourages all businesses in Brentwood to engage with the Community Forest and to benefit from its existence. We look forward to working with BEBA and the increasing and diverse range of Brentwood businesses seeking to go green.”

Dave Bigden, Thames Chase Community Forest Director

Why did you sign the Pledge?

We are Thames Chase Trust, a charitable body responsible for 40 square miles of Community Forest on the edge of east London and south-west Essex known as Thames Chase Community Forest.  The northern part of Thames Chase is located in the borough of Brentwood and Brentwood Borough Council has been a long-standing partner in the Community Forest. Thames Chase Trust is represented on the BEBA Board to increase awareness to the Community Forest and to find ways in which the Forest can help businesses in Brentwood achieve their commitment to going green.

What changes are you making within your business?

The environment is at the core of our business. Thames Chase Community Forest has been transforming landscapes and transforming lives since 1990. On a daily basis, Thames Chase Trust continues to take steps to make our operations more sustainable, whether this be using digital services to reduce paper usage, or encouraging recycling not only of office materials but also food waste which is placed into our composting system for use in our Community Tree Nursery.

The Thames Chase Forest Centre is accessible by public transport, has facilities for cycle parking, and Thames Chase Trust has also installed an electric car charging point for staff. In addition to planting in excess of 1.3 million trees, creating or restoring over 41km of hedgerows, and in excess of 800 hectares of non-woodland habitat since 1990, Thames Chase also actively encourages walking and cycling across the Community Forest with the Forest Circle now in place providing a contiguous circular walking route around the 40 square miles of the Forest.